1. To operate a sustainable business with reasonable profit objectives while promoting social stability and ethical integrity.
  2. To be a leading enterprise of non-life insurance business with a network of offices, highly competent personnel, good services and the best technology.
  3. Provide quality insurance coverage and quality protection for the benefit of policyholders, employees, shareholders and the general public.


  1. Provide good and high quality services to customers with fairness and integrity.
  2. Innovate and develop new insurance products for the changing needs of society.
  3. Focus on quality of service and reasonable cost control to achieve utmost efficiency in the development of management system.
  4. Support and develop a good working environment and promote unity among employees as well as maintaining competitive benefits and compensation suitable for social environment.
  5. Invest in human resource development and encourage employees to be professional and maintain high ethical standard.
  6. Develop and implement new technology to effectively improve our service to the customers.