1. Underwriting

          Underwriting is the core function of the Company. They write most of non-life insurance i.e. fire, marine and transportation, motor and miscellaneous. These are:
          - Direct insurance: The direct business comes from agents, brokers, broker firms and branch offices and accounts over 90% of the total written premiums.
          - Reinsurance and retrocession is ceded to and accepted from other insurance companies to spread risks.

 2. Investment

          In addition to underwriting, the Company also spends its income on investment in compliance with type of investment and limit for line of investment as specified by regulations of the Office of Insurance Commission (OIC). The majority of the investment is in deposits with financial institutions, promissory notes, government bonds, debentures, stocks and unit trusts.

Business Objective

         The Company’s strategy and budget for the year 2017 has been reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors meeting held on 14 December 2017 that shall be focused on the businesses having potentials and profitability and revise our management plan to reduce loss ratios and operating expenses as well as the sources of business for motor insurance will be focused on agents and financial institutions. The Company, therefore, has launched a new product include commercial credit insurance. Nonetheless, the Board of Directors always reviews the strategy to better capitalize on the current competitive landscape.

         The Company developed a strategic roadmap by setting an objective for the year 2015-2019 that have focused on sustainable growth of its market share, reduction of operating expenses and maintaining its current return on equity and also has long-term objective to establish its presence in the individual as well as small and medium size business sectors of non-life insurance industry.