Notice of Claims

Fill in the information on the Notice of Insurance Claim.         

Consist of following information :

1. Name of insured.
2. Policy number.
3. Date and time of loss.
4. Cause of loss.
5. Extent of loss.
6. Loss reserve.
7. Photographs. (If any)
8. Other insurance.

Documentation of Claims

1. Repairing’s quotation receipt of repairing cost.
2. Testing and inspecting report of engineer of supplier in case of damage to machinery or electrical equipment.
3. Copy of the police’s report for legal proceeding in case of burglary or wrongful acts by third party.
4. Copy of claim notice to third party.
5. Other relevant documents.

Documentation for Compensation

1. Discharge form and/or compromised agreement.
2. For corporate clients; copy of the company affidavit signed by authorized signatory.
3. Signed copy of census registration and IF card of the insured person and the beneficiary (if any).
4. Copy of the title deed to a piece of land in case of compensation for building.
5. Other relevant documents.

Claims management process