1. Fac broking placement to allocate risk to professional local and overseas reinsurers. 
2. Analyze cedant’s portfolio result in order to provide the best benefits.
3. Develop all aspects of cedants relationship to maintain quality of service.
4. Act on cedant behalf to negotiate with local and oversea reinsurers in order to providing the best terms and conditions to cedant
5. Provide technical advice and value added to the clients
6. Secure monthly renewal accounts.
7. Manage premium booking each month by coordinating and facilitating team member.
8. Responsible for account receivable aging over 6 months and/or before policy renewal.
9. Achieve The Navakij Insurance PCL. policy on both budget and compliance.


1. Bachelor’s degree or higher, preferable in Insurance or Risk Management
2. At least 5 years’ experience in insurance industry
3. Good in spoken and written English
4. Good interpersonal & communication skills
5. Personal Computing Skills and use of common office software


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